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7 Minute Workout App

The #1 fitness app in over 60 countries for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

7 Minute Workout App In Use

12 high intensity bodyweight exercises. 30 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises.

Voice prompted, so complete the entire workout without looking at a timer or device!

This app is inspired by the 7 Minute Workout that was originally published in ACSM'S Health & Fitness Journal and then covered by the NYTimes.

What the 7 minute workout app does:

  • Outline of all the exercises in the workout.
  • See video and text descriptions of each exercise.
  • Perform the workout with countdown timers and prompting for each exercise and breaks.
  • Voice prompting for each step, no need to even look at the phone!
  • No need for timers.
  • No confusion on what exercise to do next, or how to do it.

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