An App Store Experiment Part 5 - The Finale

February 9, 2015

If you need to catch up first, here are the previous posts:

A bunch of interesting things have happened since part 4. Why is it the finale? Read on.

All The Things

In part 4 I added ‘All The Things’ as an in app purchase option.

All The Things

This resulted in an overall increase in revenue compared to before 'All The Things' was introduced and it also became the major revenue stream.

All The Things

All The Things 2

I’d call that experiment a success, and I highly recommend you consider adding an option to bundle in app purchases to your own apps.


As Apple describes it : "HealthKit allows apps that provide health and fitness services to share their data with the new Health app and with each other. A user’s health information is stored in a centralized and secure location and the user decides which data should be shared with your app." - Sounds like something that would work in 7 Minute Workout.

I wanted the app to offer HealthKit support as soon as Apple released it, so I made sure I added iOS 8, HealthKit and iPhone 6/6 Plus support well before launch and submitted to the App Store.

iOS 8 rolled out during the night in Australia and I woke up to this:

Removed From Sale

I also had a missed call from a U.S. number. After some frantic Googling I found some headlines like this one suggesting "Apple reportedly has pulled HealthKit-compatible apps from the App Store" and that "Apple appears to have discovered a significant last-minute issue with its HealthKit services". Phew, at least it wasn't just me.

Apple were actually amazing during the process, constant calls keeping me up to date and getting my app (sans HealthKit) approved and back on the store within 36 hours with no loss of rank or search position.

I had a bunch of confused users who had the app update with HealthKit, only to have it removed soon after. Luckily being able to add a FAQ remotely via (shameless plug!) AppbotX dried up the support requests.

App Preview

Even though HealthKit didn't come through for me on the iOS 8 launch I did manage to get my App Preview live and Apple Australia were kind enough to feature it.

App Preview Feature

A big shout out to fellow Perth app dev Adam Shaw who helped me create the App Preview. You should checked out his app called Dressed, it's very cool.

HealthKit Take 2

With iOS 8.0.2 came the actual launch of HealthKit.

I was away speaking at a conference in Melbourne (and then for two weeks of travelling with my family) when the app was featured in a special Apps For Health promo on the App Store home page in the US:

HealthKit Feature

Which resulted in the following sales:

HealthKit Sales

The best ever days for the app, bigger than even the New Years.

It also generated a bunch of press over the next few days like this, this, this and many more.

Getting Featured

A big lesson from both adding HealthKit early and the App Preview was that you need to give Apple every opportunity to feature your app. Believe it or not Apple are on the lookout for apps to feature.

What better way to stand out than being one of the first to get behind a feature that Apple is about to launch.

How is your WatchKit integration going?

Acquired By Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness produce great app-connected sensors and were featured at the 2014 WWDC Keynote. Their new TICKR X sensor is a heart rate monitor and it can also track exercise repetition movement.

Wahoo Fitness WWDC Keynote

So when Mike at Wahoo emailed me back in May about 7 minute workout, and how it might integrate with their suite of products, I was intrigued.

Over the next two months we had a few discussions, but it stalled as I didn't feel finished with the app, and they weren't quite ready with their device.

Fast forward to November and things changed. I'd been head-down working on Appbot and Wahoo came back with an offer to buy 7 Minute Workout. The timing was right and I'm confident it will be in good hands

Everyone I have dealt with at Wahoo has been amazing. From Chip and Mike early on, JP and then Dave and Ben during the handover, thank you.

They have big plans for the app: there are already multiple custom workouts, new videos and integration with TICKR X to count repetitions. I know later this month there are some more great features coming, and even an Android version in the works.

Wahoo Connect

I can't wait to see it develop over the next year.

Final Stats

  • 2.3 million Downloads Alltime downloads
  • 7.7 million Updates
  • $72k Profit Alltime sales
  • Dozens of amazing emails, Tweets and messages from people who were in part inspired to start developing apps thanks to these blog posts. Thank you to everyone that sent feedback or read the posts. Reddit feedback

What’s Next For Me?

My plan now is to concentrate on Appbot full time, which is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. We have so many exciting features coming soon, many of which have been inspired by this experiment like the new Sentiment Dashboard. The excitement of an early stage startup, the highs of adding and serving a new paying customer, talking to customers and building what they want is amazing. It's pretty addictive.

There will definitely be more app experiments ... in fact maybe they are already happening :-)

Final Words

One thing that Chip (the CEO of Wahoo) said to me on the first call we had will stick with me for a long time ... "We probably wouldn't have considered buying your app if we hadn't read the story".

I was just looking back at the first point in the first paragraph of part 1 of the experiment

"How important is it to create a story around your product?"

I think I'll call that a 'very important'.

Thanks Bernadette.

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