Tips For Keeping Up With iOS Development

February 1, 2013

After my recent blog post iOS Development Tips I Would Want If I Was Starting Out Today I was asked the same question several times.

"How do you keep up to date with the changes in iOS development?"


Keeping up with the changes in iOS development can be challenging, each new point release of iOS brings a bunch of new features and there are new and better ways to do things coming out every week.

After giving it quite a bit of thought, here are six tips that I find the most useful for keeping up with the latest.

1. Apple Change Logs

I can hear you groaning already but these aren't your typical developer change logs, they are actually well put together.

These are only accessible if you are a registered iPhone developer. You can see the changes here or go to the iOS 6.1 changes here.

Difference logs such as iOS 6.0 to iOS 6.1 API Differences and Release Notes are also valuable.

2. iOS Dev Weekly

To quote the site:

"Subscribe to a weekly email of hand picked iOS development links with sections on News, Tools, Code, Design and Business. Published every Friday, Free.

iOS Dev Weekly is compiled and curated by Dave Verwer. I teach people to develop for iOS and have been designing and developing iOS software since the platform launched."

It's brilliant, a must read for me every week. You can subscribe here

3. Twitter

Twitter is my primary news source and there a lot of great iOS developers on there. I have a list of iOS developers I follow here.

4. NSHipster

Quoting the site "NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa. Updated weekly.". If you want to understand the more advanced topics of iOS development this is the place for you. Check it out here.

5. Read Open Source Code

There are really smart people writing open source iOS code, and the beauty of open source is that a bunch of smart people are also reviewing, tweaking and sending pull requests.

I find reading through code such as AFNetworking and other great open source is a great way to find best practices and form your own opinion.

6. Keep On Building

There is no better way to find out what works best than to build things yourself. Often your 9-5 job isn't the best place to experiment, so ask to do hack days, do your own side project or even just rebuild your favourite app for fun.

If your workplace doesn't like you doing side projects or hack days, send them this.

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Get Monthly Updates On Mobile Dev

Join over 2,000 other mobile devs.

No spam, promise!